About Us

Predictable Go-to-Market through "Growth Architecting"

Growth Architecting for B2B Cloud Software Startups

We developed and proved out an analytics-based, in- and outbound demand generation methodology and accompanying tools and models for B2B cloud software startups. Our organized approach combines strategy and implementation with executive coaching and team development into an integrated, ready-to-go demand generation engine tuned to hit goals.

We have had success implementing integrated go-to-market strategy quickly, predictably ramping up sales pipeline with high quality, closeable opportunities, and leaving behind a scalable system that lets you know where you stand and where you are going … on budget.

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Fractional CMO and COO

  • As a long-term CMO and COO, Johannes drives growth and scales B2B cloud software companies, having managed teams in size from raw start-ups to 400 persons.
  • With his team he has successfully scaled multiple B2B demand gen implementations from nearly zero to 75% of new business pipeline in 9 to 18 months, and collectively produced $400M in closable B2B pipeline.
  • Being half German and half Californian, he not only executes efficiently and on budget with a highly analytical approach, but also knows how to get creative or innovate pragmatic solutions to difficult problems.

Our team and partners

Our team and partners have worked together for years and have the talent you will need on tap: From digital marketers to strategists to demand generation specialists, sales execs, designers, content marketers, and business operations.

We work with mainstream MarTech applications like Marketo, Hubspot, Salesforce, Pipedrive, InsightSquared, Bizible, LeanData, Salesloft, etc.

To help you with your demand generation needs, we project manage end-to-end, B2B go-to-market projects with our talented, ready-to-go partners: