B2B Tech Marketing Community Weekly Newsletter: Oct 14, 2019

B2B Tech Marketing Community Weekly Newsletter: Oct 14, 2019


So, this is our first B2B TECHNOLOGY MARKETING NEWSLETTER. We hope you will find it useful.


2019 OCTOBER HIGHLIGHTS – Focus: “MarTech Trends and Techniques”:

ABM and MarTech Industry Updates:

  • Marketo & Engagio Founder Jon Miller’s predictions for marketing’s next challenge; a long but good read – Link
  • Scott Brinker: MarTech is now a $122B market with strong growth in outsourced solutions – Link

B2B Social Marketing Trends: Short Podcasts and Videos

  • B2B podcast listening stats and useful podcast authoring tools recommended by Product Hunt – Link
  • LinkedIn’s seminal blog that popularized how B2B video content on social connects with communities and creates leads – Link

Pipeline Management: Topo on “A Proven Approach for Handing Off SDR Qualified Leads to Sales” – Link



NOV 7: “Open Mobile & Digital Experience Summit” focused on digital and mobile marketing | Register at Link


Since this is our first newsletter, please send us your comments and improvement suggestions. We wish you a great week; thank you,

Krishnan Natarajan
B2B Technology Marketing Community on LinkedIn


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