CXO-Level Tools

Why pay a bundle for a MarTech stack your teams don’t even fully use? Or – worse – you can’t make sense out of? What if you didn't even need an army of operations analysts?

What we do

Instead of having to fight your way through too many point applications in your MarTech stack and somehow integrate them into a holistic view of your overall growth, we start with the CXO-level view of your entire demand generation pipeline and work backwards from there.

We enable you to design and architect your entire business’ pipeline, as part of which you will get a list of the key leading and lagging KPIs to tell you how you have been doing against this quarter’s goal AND if you are on a path to make the next quarters’ goals. Then you can readily see what is working and what not, so you have transparency, launch any needed course corrections, and drive ever greater spend efficiency and marketing yields to stay at or below budget.

How we do it

We start with our “Pipe-Composer”, an intuitive, easy to use, graphical pipeline architecting tool that enables you to quickly model your lead sources and flows as they actually produce leads and opportunities across your entire business today.

Each of the modeled lead source and flow types come with their own leading and lagging performance indicators, which you can combine into an integrated dashboard we call the “Pipe-Visualizer” that shows you just the essential metrics that you need.

Both, outcome metrics like “closed won business” and “sales accepted pipeline” (“lagging indicators”), as well as effort or productivity metrics like calls made, emails sent, web visitors, proposals written, etc. (“leading indicators”) are synthesized into a composite view of your growth that will tell you if you are on track to hit targets or, if not, where to focus your attention.

What we’ve done

“Leveraged demand generation technology to in 18 months more than double marketing yield to $11 pipeline generated per $1 spend.” (eHealth)