Our solution: “Growth Architecting” = Strategy + plans + pipes


Strategy – Quantify growth

  1. “Precision Segmentation” targeting
  2. Competitive value proposition
  3. Capacity & project planning
  4. Board / CXO meeting prep

Plans – Model & track

  1. “Science of Revenue” revenue framing and realistic, trackable forecasting
  2. Monthly goals & KPIs
  3. Budget optimization
Three mature businesseople using a laptop and discussing paperwork while having a meeting together in the lobby of an office building

Pipes – Deliver pipeline

  1. Fractional CMO, exec. coaching
  2. Tracking & corrective action
  3. Skilled fulfillment team
  4. Project management

Avoid missing growth goals and unpredictable pipelines with precise growth planning


Investors pay a premium for predictable bookings growth and therefore for spend efficiency and accurate growth modeling.

Yet, many startups can’t quantify answers to C-level questions like: “How much pipeline do we need by when from which origins to make our bookings goals?

Growth Architecting – ROI

Observed, tangible benefits:

  • Faster time to pipeline delivery and revenue growth
  • Redeploy $’s / resources from inefficient program(s)
  • Save 0.25+ FTE in planning from business / revenue operations
  • Clear goals for board, sales, or marketing meetings; less prep time

Simple and transparent pricing:

Faster Time to PIpeline and Revenue 0
More Efficient Budget Spend 0
Reduced Business Operations Efforts 0
Shortened Meeting and Prep Time 0
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Growth Architecting – Who is using us

If you believe in growth being not only art but also science and in transparent data sharing, and you are thoughtful … you will like our approach


Startup, Seed, Series A or B:

  • You’re a CEO, COO, CMO, or CRO/CCO
  • Early stage B2B cloud software startup
  • You want to scratch-build a best-practices, high velocity demand generation engine that can scale
  • You’re innovative, data-driven, rational, and action-oriented, looking for fast results


Series C, D, or E:

  • CMO, CRO, CEO, VP Demand Gen or Bus Ops
  • B2B cloud software; fast growing services
  • You want to grow faster and more predictably, and optimize your demand generation infrastructure
  • You hate wasting time on silo’ed politicking or the small stuff because you are busy building pipeline


Board or Investor:

  • Angel, VC, or PE investor, or board member
  • You’ve seen the PPTs but don’t believe the math
  • Want certainty that sales and marketing budgets have predictable pipeline results and are efficient
  • You are highly analytical, understand modern demand gen engines, and prefer data over opinions


Instrumental and Creative

Johannes is an instrumental leader and team player in driving and executing our actions and success. As a marketing executive he is creative, bright and a pleasure to work with.

Steve Yount VP of Sales at Medrio

Pragmatic and Effective

Johannes is a breath of fresh air in a sense that his interventions are logical, precise, prescriptive, pragmatic and on the mark. With a bias for action he makes work challenging and fun.

Mark Zawacki Founder of 650 Labs

Marketing Leader

Johannes is a one of a kind marketer, with a very unique combination of skills from deep analytical expertise to structured research methodologies to strategic planning to team building.

Leslie Olsen CMO at Fundbox

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For serious practitioners looking to predictably and measurably produce pipeline with scalable processes and reusable tools

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